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1- The Plan is for Safety.  Plans are not made as checklists or to satisfy liability requirements.  

2- Safety is a Collaborative Effort.  Plans don’t work on paper, they work when they are built involving and with buy-in of all of the people who need to work with them.

3- Safer is Better.  Events cannot be made 100% safe, because events only work in front of an audience.  Plans are a tool to help those running events minimize the risk of an incident becoming worse.

4- Life Must Go On.  In planning for safety, we must recognize that there is never a reason for the event to take priority over everyone’s well being.

5- Safe Spaces are Safer- Events are safer when they include buy in from all the involved parties- crew performers and audience.  Unless everyone is comfortable speaking up about issues, problems cannot be addressed from the outside or from the top down.


Taylor has worked his whole life in events as a performer, stage manager, scenic tech, electrician, rigger, technical director, production manager, and also audience member.

He has training in OSHA regulations, COVID Compliance, National Incident Management System (NIMS), and Crowd Management.

He has also been a disaster volunteer for 10 years.

He holds a BFA in Theater from Adelphi University, and an OSHA-30 GI certification.

In off hours he enjoys board gaming, LARPing and being a new dad.


 To be clear, I am not any of the following:

- A lawyer.  This is not legal advice.

- An EMT.  You should probably take those issues to a real doctor.

- The Police.  I'm not concerned with what's legal as much as what's safe.

But it does mean I can hopefully approach any situation without the bias that comes with some of those positions. 



What can we do for you?

Event Plans

Every event is different.  We can make a plan that takes account of your venue, the specifics of your performance, and your audience.


Don't avoid the Fire Marshall.  We can help you navigate permitting needs so that you don't need to deal with last minute surprises.


Safety plans aren't of much use if they're just on paper.  Technicians, run crew, ushers, and performers- they all need to be aware of their part in your safety plans.  We can speak with these groups in the language they know.

Contact Us

Thank you for you interest. We'll respond to you as soon as we are able.

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