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What is TH.ESP

We seek to create an environment where artists can share their work in a safe and healthy environment, and the public can share that work in comfort and security.

On stage, backstage or in the house- theater, dance, opera or music-  we know the mantra "The Show Must Go On"

But that doesn't mean that we can avoid thinking about risk. 

Making a plan, coordinating with all participants, and practicing how to respond will make your event better- so that the show WILL go on.

What can we do for you?

Large organizations can have whole Health and Safety departments, but what happens when the fire marshall shows up and starts looking at your scenery.  Or your artistic team has a great idea that makes you just a little nervous.  Or the venue manager tells you they're "concerned" about a key part of your show.

Whether that's a plan for your event you can take to your producer, or information that you can give to your renters so you can be confident that they're not putting themselves or you at risk; we are a resource for making sure that these conversations can happen with the view that the show can go on.

Contact Us

Thank you for you interest. We'll respond to you as soon as we are able.

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